Sunday, April 10, 2011

NARS Makeup Brushes Review: Eye Brushes

NARS currently carries 10 eye brushes.  I have 8 of these.  The two I did not purchase are the liquid eyeliner and the nylon push eyeliner.  I tend to use pencil liners more often, and it has been my experience that there are very good inexpensive eyeliner brushes available.  The # 16 wide contour brush I will review at a later time because I seem to have misplaced it. 

I have found them all to be of superb quality, shed-free, and very durable. 

They all have the same type of handle, which I could not capture well individually. They all have a silver ferrule and are natural fiber bristles. 

Brush # 5   Brow Shader Brush

This brush is perfect!!  It is the right size, shape, and texture.  It is firm and stiff, and picks up brow powder without spreading too much.  It is definitely my favourite brow brush, and actually the only one I have now. 

Brush # 12  Small Domed Eye

This is an excellent crease brush. 

Brush # 13  Large Domed Eye

I use this brush for blending.  However, the MAC 217 is my favourite blender.  This one is not as dense or flat as the 217.

Brush # 15  Smudge

This is an excellent brush, but I found a Sonia Kashuk dupe- it feels and performs identically.  I use it for eyeliner and for black eyeshadow on my upper lash line. 

Brush # 4  Angled Eye Shader

For definition or crease.  It is a little wide for me, and honestly, I don't use this brush- forgot I even had it. 

Brush # 14  Eye Contour

This is a small contour brush, I've used it to pack colour in the crease and I tried to use it for the cut crease application.  It wasn't the brush's fault I failed at that attempt. 

I found it is similar in shape to the Smashbox #30 brush (Top), but the NARS one is more durable and the bristles retain their shape better.

Brush # 3  Eye Shader

When I got this brush, I did not think I would use it at all.  But, I have used it for a quick one or two shadow look.  It is super soft and feels luxurious.  It is also ridiculously expensive.  When the NARS representative told me it was pony hair I was a little shocked.  They take the underbelly hair from the pony. 

It is similar in shape and density to this Sonia Kashuk one I have with a bamboo handle, which is also quite soft.  The NARS one is bigger and a little fuller.

I've had the NARS brushes for a while, and I like them a lot.  They are excellent quality and very durable.  I like that none of them have white bristles!  But for practical purposes, I think many of them, you can find in other brands as well.  


  1. Nice review, would love to be able to check these out some time!

  2. I have never tried NARS brushes! Do you like them better than MAC or Chanel?

  3. @Scarlett they are great!
    @makeup by danisaddiction Well, it depends on the brush, for sure. I most definitely love NARS face brushes better than MAC. As far as the eye brushes, most of them are different so its hard to choose! But the NARS #13 is exactly like Chanel #12!! I took the pics a while back so I didnt think about comparing those at the time. ah.. maybe next time!

  4. I did a face brush review here but it was really early in my blog, so I would definitely do it different now, but here is the link, I also need to fix the search button I couldnt even read the results!

  5. How does the NARS #13 compare in price to the Chanel #12? I may want to go get it haha. My #12 is probably 6 years old...yikes lol. I should get a new one. ;)

  6. I got mine at Sephora inside JCP a while back, and it was $24, but I think they are higher now, and the Chanel is $30? Idk why but they dont sell NARS brushes at Sephora (at least online) anymore!