Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jennifer Lopez for L'Oreal 2011

I love L'Oreal adverts!  They choose phenomenally beautiful women- Eva Longoria, Gwen Stefani, Beyonce, and now J. Lo.  I admit, I had absolutely no clue what the television ad was for, but I watched it, eyes wide open. 

Just in case you haven't seen it, she is posing in this leather cat suit with thigh high boots, as seductively as I guess network televison in America will allow.  Now, this is what the ad is for:

EverSleek Haircare

Now, my brain tells me- why would I buy this?  Obviously it will not make my hair look like anything even remotely close to hers, and I don't even need shampoo!!  But, I will surely buy it, if just to try it, and I am certain millions of other women will too. 


  1. Hahaha...you are too funny. Umm...I've been using this shampoo lol. My hair doesn't look like hers haha.

  2. Haha she has a Venus razor commercial out too. She is one beautiful lady and an excellent choice for a spokesmodel because um.. who doesn't want to look like her?

  3. whoa! I havent seen the Venus commerical, but I am going to buy this shampoo... today lol. but seriously!