Friday, April 22, 2011

Laura Mercier Mineral Foundation Primer Review

I do not like to wear foundations.  It's not a matter of finding one that is right for me, I just don't feel like I need or want one on most occassions.  There are a few I really like when I 'have to' wear foundation.  But I only have a couple of dots on my face and that's blood vessles from pregnancy so a teeny dab of concealer and I'm good to go. 

However, since I am prone to shine in my t-zone areas, I do like to use a dusting of powder most of the time.  I almost always use loose powder, and even though I have used it without a primer before, I would have to reapply and I really didn't feel like the powder was sticking to my face enough. 
Thankfully, I found this:

This is absolutely, hands down, my favourite primer for powder applications.  It is so silky smooth, so lightweight, and it really performs well.  It does prime my face for the powder so it goes on evenly and stays on all day.  My face does not feel dry or oily when using it, I can hardly feel it at all. 

I have used it with other loose powders as well, not just Laura Mercier.  I have used it mostly with Diorskin Nude because that is my all time favourite powder, and it just looks fabulous.  My skin really looks evened out, flawless, and radiant.  I've also used it with NARS, MUFE and Bare Minerals (can you tell I like powders?) and it works perfectly with those as well.  

In most cases, I will advocate a less expensive alternative as long as it performs similarly.  I see no reason to do that in this instance.  I never even looked for an alternative, and it is affordable at $30, and most face primers are between $25 and $40 I would say.  For me, this product is totally worth it because I need it more than a liquid foundation primer and I really love the results I get from using it. 


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  2. ohhhh I'm curious about this and liquid foundation :)

  3. ahh I am curious about this and the foundation as well.....thanks for heads up!

  4. Great! I have her TM I dont think I have the foundation though... :)