Friday, April 1, 2011

Dior Nail Polish Rock Coat and Nirvana Review

First, I would like to say that I am very bad at nail reviews- I just am not that coordinated, nor do I have the proper camera or lighting.  Not that I don't buy nail polish, becauese I love it!  Nail polish would be my second biggest thing after eyeshadow.  In fact, I always, always wear polish.  Even when I had to rehab my nails (bad acrylics!  bad!)  I still wore nude polish, rather than nude nails.  So I am going to try my best here, I just thought these were unique enough that I wanted to post about them. 

Dior Rock Coat is a top coat that is applied to give a smoky effect to nail polish. 

For those of you unfamiliar with Dior polishes, I wanted to mention that the square cap does come off like other square caps- Chanel, Butter London, etc. (please take a hint here, NARS!!!), and the brush was recently redesigned.  I personally could almost care less about the brush, as I have used all sorts of nail polish, from 99 cents to 27 dollars, so I can make just about anything work. 

The bottle:

The brush:

The brush is wide and thick, and tapered on the ends.  It is very nice, and easy to get a streak-free application.  It is very similar to the Sally Hansen Pro brush, but just a tad wider.  I have shown here the OPI brush for a comparison:

Now, on to the polish!  I think Dior puts out really strong creme polishes- that is one of their formulas I really like.  I will probably never find better cremes than some of Chanel's, but Dior's are very good. 

The Rock Coat is supposed to be the next big trend, but I really was not that impressed.  Kind of dulls it, and I don't really know who would go for that kind of thing.  I have a lot of dark polishes- blacks, eggplants, browns, and anything in between, but they were made that way. 

It seems like a lot of these trends, I jump on at the first sighting and then my excitement quicky fades when I realise, this is just not my thing.  I think I prefer just plain polish- glitter would be as exciting as I can go.  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love nail art and the like, and I truly admire the talent and creativity of the artists, but I just prefer the plain. 

That being said, the Rock Coat is pretty cool.  The Nirvana goes from teal to a hunter green type of teal- supposed to be a blackened teal, but on my natural nails I am wearing this now, and it is a hunter green with the Rock Coat. But I really like the polish alone as well.

L: Nirvana,  R: Nirvana with Rock Coat

(L: Graphic Berry, R: Graphic Berry with Rock Coat)

Nirvana was just released, as part of the same collection with Rock Coat, and Graphic Berry has been out for some time.  I think Graphic Berry looks cooler with the Rock Coat than Nirvana though- it goes from a berry pink to a black cherry/burgundy shade. 

I tried the Rock Coat over a glitter polish and it darkened it, but it also lost the glitter effect completely- don't care for that at all.  Three thumbs down on that. 

Overall, Rock Coat is a nice formula and it is 'something different'.  


  1. I love the Nirvana...that is gorgeous!! I want!!! haha

  2. Rock Coat..thts amazing.. loved graphic berry with rock coat..gorgeous!!

  3. Nirvana is really pretty!