Friday, April 15, 2011

Natural Look and New Gifts!

I am forced to do a natural look because I had a really bad reaction to eyeliner the past few days, so I am really hesitant to put anything on my eyes, but I cant go to dinner with a completely naked face! 

My friend from the Dominican Republic sent me some very beautiful gifts, which I love!  It means a lot to me that she thought of me, and she was the person who encouraged me to start my blog in the first place, so I should send her some gifts!! 

The first thing is a very pretty box- I love butterflies, and I love crafty things!

She also gave me two cd's, they are of Juan Luis Guerra, but I have not listed to them yet!

She also sent some really pretty jewelry, which I also love!  They are quite unique- the blue earrings and necklace are called Larimar, and they can only be found in her country- ohhh, they are so beautiful!  I love how they have a natural shape!  The yellow ring is called Ambar, it is so cool!

And here is me, with my new presents!

Thank you, Angeline!  I really appreciate your thoughfulness, and I love having you as my friend!




  1. Gorgeous!!! I LOVE the jewelry!! That box is so pretty too! I think you look super pretty with your natural look and yum yum lips!

  2. oooh how could you tell!! Yep, I love that lippie, and thought since I wasnt doing eyes... why not!!

  3. So pretty! What a beautiful gift! I definitely think you should post more full face pictures like this! You're beautiful!

  4. i love your makeup look, very pretty. the jewellery is beautiful, it is so nice to have unique pieces.