Monday, November 25, 2013

Bourjois Happy Light Concealer Review

This is one of the Bourjois products I got recently.  This only comes in three shades- 21,22, and 23.  I got 22, Beige Rose... and I will state right away, I don't think it's a color match- at least it's not a concealer shade I would normally buy, as it is a bit darker than my skin. 

The texture is thick and a bit sticky...not creamy and smooth. This is actually helpful for this product; if it were creamier I would probably overapply and that would look cakey. I find the coverage to be one of the fullest I've used in a concealer... Not the easiest to blend either. That's why it was harder for me to use under the eyes, but it's perfect for little spots.

This is how it covers a (brown) freckle:

I think this shows, it really provides excellent coverage. Since its so thick, you don't need more than one layer either. It's like you barely dab it on, and you're covered.

I don't think I review a lot of concealers.... because I can never really capture how they work.  Here are the before and after photos, I tried my best. 

No Concealer

With Concealer

I think from these close up photos, either it doesn't look very good or you can't tell.  But from my viewpoint, it doesn't look "luminous" at all. I have used it on a blood vessel on my face, and it covers that totally... But then I have to put foundation over it to even it out. A great thing is, I just got the Happy Light foundation so I'm hoping it'll be good with it. But overall, this concealer is a really great choice for coverage.

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  1. Indeed the coverage is great & it looks like would be great for blemishes, I mean your freckle had a disappearing act! It might work better if you had the lighter shade :) xx