Saturday, November 16, 2013

Essence Lashes Go Wild Mascara Review

I bought this because of the squishy tube- I never had a mascara like that. Maybe it's supposed to help get every bit of mascara out of the tube, I don't know. But it's an all-right mascara- no flaking or clumping.... Its not really exciting for volume or thickness though. I thought the brush was a bit long, and the other small issue I had was it did seem to wear off a bit sooner than others I've tried.


  1. The tube looks like... is it Eyeko or something like that, only the brush is tapered in a lot more at the end. Have you seen them? I agree that you've tried a lot better mascaras! xx

    1. Ohh!! You are absolutely right on both! It is Eyeko and the brush is more tapered... One time I had a sample tube but it was blue :D