Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sleek Vintage Romance Palette Swatches & Review

I wasn't going to buy this palette, I thought I had too many similar shades....but I'm glad I caved! I was expecting a few 'issues'- troublesome shades, etc. but that wasn't the case. The textures are really different, but they are all good.  I only didn't care for the black as it is very dry, but it still applies fine. The first four metallic shades really define 'buttery'- they are almost like a cream shadow, they are so smooth. But I really bought this for the bottom five- those burgundies are really beautiful but they are so pigmented I need more practice with placement so they don't make me look weird and bruised. I think it's an awesome palette for people with more time and talent than me.

I thought I might have similar shades in this MUA "Glamour Days" palette, but only a few were similar, and the Sleek palette shades are far better, comparing them to MUA 

This shows roughly what it looks like on the eyes. I had to blend a lot more after I did this, plus I used a matte tan to make it look more even, but I couldn't get any decent photos 


  1. That sleek palette looks amazing!

  2. I love all the berries/reds in this palette! So pretty and perfect for fall/winter.