Sunday, November 24, 2013

Inglot Freedom Lipsticks Swatches

I've been meaning to post about these for a long time....I've got a lot of posts to do to wrap up 2013!!! I actually bought these before I bought the Sleek lip palettes. These are all really amazing.... Definitely bright though! The pigmentation is intense, and they all leave stains too. The two pinks have a little softer texture. I can't really say I can pull any of these off (bright and shiny!), but I haven't found anything to mix or layer them with either. They had yellow, green, and blue also, so I think I picked the most common shades. I've worn a couple of them at home, and they didnt seem to wear off easily.

These are clockwise, L-R: 96,97,99,98.


  1. LOVE LOVE the first and last shades!! So pigmented, creamy and the colors are sooo pigmented! I would love to get those are just lipsticks!

  2. You know what, I'd love to see what these colours look like on you. Paired with juste a winged eyeliner I'm convinced you can pull this off!

    1. Aww thanks for such an amazing compliment ! ok, Im gonna try this week ;)

  3. Ooh these are all such pretty colours! The lilac one has caught my eye, I could picture a gorgeous ombre lip with all of these colours!! Promise to try one for me, pleasee!! xx

  4. You are spot on... This is the perfect product for an ombré lip!! I'm on it! :D