Monday, November 18, 2013

MAC Prep + Prime Lip Base

Since I've basically had to rebuild my lipstick collection, I've been looking for something to prevent them from bleeding. I swear I tried this before, but I couldn't find it anywhere around so I bought another one. For me, it does prevent feathering quite well but it doesn't extend the wear of any lipsticks at all, which is fine. I have to completely remove lipstick before I reapply this though, or it will ball up. Another bonus of this- it isn't drying at all, and it doesn't change the finish of the lipsticks (doesn't mattify). I don't have any normal chap stick anymore, but this has a similar feel- thick and not slippery. Makes me curious if chap stick works similarly, since this is fairly expensive.


  1. You should try the E.L.F one and compare it to this please :) I do have the E.L.F one so it would be interesting to see how similar or different they are xx

    1. I Sooo wanted to buy that elf one...I will before the holidays :) Does it work for you?