Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Topic: Regrettable Tattoos

I have well.... more than a few tattoos, but there is a good five square inches of tattoo on my arm that I really hate. I've had consultations and a laser treatment, but never been able to keep up with it. They may do it differently now since I havent seen anyone in years, but all the places I've been to show you what it's supposed to look like when the treatments are finished, and its not like I would ever have a bare arm anyway. But I've had my tattoos for so long, they are really part of me and I don't think I'd feel fine without them. If somebody asked me if they should get a tattoo, I dont even know what I'd say. I have grown out piercings too, tattoos are definitely not the same.  I don't like the "what about when you're old" spiel, cause there's other issues to consider when you're old, not just tattoos!

The issue with me is, I'm not emotionally attached to this particular one and the brutal truth is, it doesn't look nice. I have no idea what I was thinking, but it was a long time ago (year 2000 I think). I'm seriously considering if I should find a way to cover it, like a more decorative tattoo, but it would have to be pretty elaborate and probably end up even more huge.

Any of you have tattoos- regrettable or not? :D

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