Friday, August 30, 2013

Too Faced Retractable Kabuki Brush

I was looking for some new face brushes- keeping in mind that all of mine (except for foundation ones) make me want to gag, I did not want to get more natural ones. I was skeptical about synthetic brushes especially of this size, but I really wish I would have bought a brush like this sooner. I have used it for pressed and mostly, loose powder and have absolutely no issues with it picking up. I don't know that it's a hard rule that synthetics are better for creams; I think it depends on the type of brush, the density, quality of fibers, etc. I have some natural brushes that don't pick powder as well as this one, for sure. I like (love) the softness of this brush but I also noticed that just because its synthetic doesn't mean it's free of scent. This one does smell like a teddy bear, whether that's great or not, well...that's probably an individual preference. It doesn't bother me to a real extent, but I think my best option is to um...quit sniffing brushes lol!

The density of this brush is awesome, it dispenses the right amount of product although I do sometimes have to tap excess off. I wish it had a feature like Hakuhodo's slide face brush, where I could click it closed partway, because if you use just the top part, you get a more intense application- but it's hard to pinch in place while using it!

I like being able to use this as a travel brush, but the metal is a bit thin so I'm not sure how it will hold up over time. I've had mine for a few months (is it just me or did September get here really fast?!) and I haven't had any fibers fall out or come loose whatsoever. However, it does feel fluffier now than when I first got it. It also washes and dries very well. I would like to try more Too Faced brushes in the future; I think this one is great.

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