Thursday, August 8, 2013

Rimmel Polish Haul

I didn't even go in to buy nail polish, but you all know the story by now lol....

No really! I was strolling towards the checkout with the four bottles when I saw them putting out a fresh display of the "Salon Pro" bottles, and I swear I was only going to buy one and try it, but they all looked so pretty and I love creme polishes.

These are L-R: Round and Round the Garden, Euphoria, Green Eyed Monster, and Cocktail Passion.

Round and Round the Garden is so weird, grey-greenish, something I can't describe. Well, "Sage" comes to mind. Cocktail Passion was the only "Pro" bottle like this I got, and it chipped so bad after one day, I'm really disappointed. It's not unique by any means so not a big loss but I wonder if the formula is not that great or its just me? I used the same base and tops for the others, all 60 second ones, and got a few days.

I got five Salon Pro bottles.  These are Sea Green and Rock'n'Roll:

Isn't She Precious, Peppermint, and BritPop:

I like all of these so much, I can't pick a fave!  I know that lately I have far too many polishes similar to Sea Green though.... 

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