Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Burberry Eyeshadows: Trench, Antique Rose

I haven't been to Bloomingdales in such a long time- they really have everything! And the lady at the Burberry counter was just so nice, I think I'll remember that.

I got these eyeshadows in Trench and Antique Rose. I was in between Mulberry and Rosewood for what seemed like twenty minutes, but in the end I decided against Mulberry, it was just too dark for me to justify the splurge.  It's a lot of product in these, so I wanted to get something I know I'd use.  I was all set on Rosewood until I saw Antique Rose, which I think suits me well. I could really do without Trench, it's not that it's bad but I prefer a frostier or more pinkish tone for a highlighter.  It's so close to my own skin tone, I don't see the point.

The texture is just amazing- so buttery soft and silky. They both have a satiny finish. I don't know why my swatch of Antique Rose turned out so brown, it really is more mauve on my eye with a primer.

Antique Rose- with primer

The fingerprint magnet packaging kinda bothers me though! 

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