Friday, August 2, 2013

July Wrap-up: My purchases

Did I exceed my limit of ten cosmetics products? Lets see.....

1. Naked 2 palette
2. Maybelline Fierce & Tangy
3. Bundle Monster holiday plate set
4. Essence 3d eyeshadows
5. Fyrinnae Hitched Eyeshadow
6. Sleek Lip Palette
7. Konad m91, m92
8. Rimmel mascara and eyeliner (ok,cheating!)
9. L'Oreal emerald eyeshadow
10. Some nail polishes (will post them tomorrow!)

I think I did pretty good! Wasn't exactly ten but I feel like I was more careful than in the past :)

I decided not to count any bath/body/hair things because those are really a "hygiene" category, I think that's fair.

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