Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Nail Mail: MoYou Sailor Plates

I actually have no idea what happened here, because I ordered six plates....I'm guessing they're shipping them as available, but I (finally!) got two, the Sailor plates 01 and 02, plus some surprise freebies :) Eeeee-the rubber duckies on 02!!!!!

I swatched several images and pleased to report, they stamped great! The details show quite well, and the swatches below were my first try. On images without a lot of lines (like the rubber ducks, crab, parrot), I've found it works best to scrape lightly- and that applies for all plates, not jut these, in my experience.

I like these plates a lot, they come with the plastic backs like the new Cheeky Jumbo plates (but plain, I have to do something about that!). Yes the images are small, but these are not full nail images, and I definitely like both.

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