Friday, August 9, 2013

Topic: At Home Gel Nails

So, after a few times trying and failing with at-home gel nails, I finally found a technique that's lasted four days so far. I'm happy with that, because every other time they chipped off or I messed up and tore my nails up with the remover. I'm just using regular remover since I don't know what else to use, and if its something that has to be shipped, I can forget about that anyway.

Has anyone else tried at-home gel nails? I'd like to try stamping on top of them, but then I don't know how exactly that would work. I just have this little kit that someone gave me to try out, so I'd like to get some more colours too. I don't have any special brand in mind but I want to get pink and gold.


  1. I don't do gel nails just because of the lasting time. It would drive me crazy keeping it on more than 2 days! haha

  2. I've used gel for my toes cause I hate painting my toes!