Thursday, August 22, 2013

Revlon PhotoReady Compact Foundation Swatches

I decided to experiment with cream contouring, but I had a hard time finding cream foundation- in any brand.  The only one Sephora had was Benefit, and I'm not ready to invest that much for a 'trial'.  I'm just posting the swatches and a mini-review since I've only worn it twice so far.

I think the packaging is weird, the plastic case is really cheap and flimsy, and it has this mesh thing called a "liquifying screen". I didn't care for that, so I took it off which is really easy to do with a metal nail file. I ended up putting it back on though- it keeps it from getting dust, stray brush hairs, etc. I was hoping that under the mesh I would find the texture harder, but it's really, really soft and creamy. It's really nice but I thought a harder texture might be easier to work with. It does take a minute to blend and even it out, make sure it's not streaky.

I got 050 Ivory, 100 Vanilla, and 300 Cool Beige. My arm is a bit lighter than my face, so I think Vanilla is a great match for me. I really love Cool Beige, it's exactly what I wanted and it is dark beige, not orange.

I think it's about medium coverage, but I found it really clung to some dry patches I didn't realize I had.

Note: top photo natural, bottom with cameras 'beauty fix' just so I could see how the different lighting looks.  And yes I did fix (meaning remove half!) my brows before I went out- no, I'm not normally angry haha :)


  1. Funny you mention cream contouring as only today I was thinking the same thing :)