Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner Swatches

So... I was on a mission to find these eyeliners, but it turned out they are everywhere- very easy to find!  But I couldn't find the two I wanted most- Taupe and Nude- anywhere.  I swatched the purple in several displays but it just didn't look very good to me at all, so I didn't get it.  I also opted out of the light blue, it was very metallic and I couldn't see myself using it very often, if at all.  

I got Deep Blue, Black, Bright Blue, Silver, and Bronze.

Performance wise, these are pretty nice.  I'd compare them to the Urban Decay pencils, because I have the same issues with both- they take a bit to "set" on me, and they don't wear all day, unfortunately.  They are soft and glide easy, but I think my fave is the black, just because it's really an intense black.  I couldn't get it so close to my upper lash line though without making a mess, so I had to go over it with gel liner.  But overall, these are nice and a super bargain, so definitely worth a try!  

What I didn't know was "Scandaleyes" is a small range of products, including shadow sticks (haven't seen them) and mascaras.... has anyone tried these?  I think I'm burned out on Rimmel mascaras though.  


  1. Argh I want the nude one so badly but I don't have much of a choice from Rimmel where I live! But that blue eyeliner looks amazing!

  2. I had the same problem looking everywhere for these, and then finally realizing they were right in the Rimmel display. Purple was the only one outside of Nude and Taupe that I was curious about, but I'll save myself some money and skip it if it wasn't so great (thanks! lol). Bright Blue looks pretty!