Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Maybelline Master Drama Eyeliner in Ultra Violet

I've looked at a lot of purple eyeliners lately, but nothing has been quite what I wanted.  This one is pretty nice.

It's a standard pencil- I almost can't stand twist ups anymore... 

What I like most is the colour- its not a plum or a berry, just purple:

This is a pretty decent eyeliner, but I find it unwearable on my waterline, it's just too irritating.  It does pull a little bit too.  But I really like how it's very pigmented even on my eyelid.  I don't think it's the smoothest or creamiest eyeliner by any means, but it goes on with a deep colour in just one swipe.  

It didn't last anywhere near their 16 hour claim on me either- it looked good at 8 hours, fading at 10, gone by 12.  Overall, the colour is what sold me but I don't see a reason to buy another.  

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  1. ooh this is a gorgeous colour, love it! I should try the master drama eyeliner as I love the master precise liquid liner. xx