Saturday, February 16, 2013

Catching Up on some Catrice Reviews

I've tried a few Catrice products to date and unfortunately not all of them have been good.  I would probably never buy another of their eyeshadows (Essence either), although I love their polishes.  These are a few things I've tried recently but never got around to posting them.

First is Ultimate Shine lipstick in 050 "Simply Rosewood".

While the shade may not be for everyone, I actually really love it, it just is so perfectly mauve to me.  But on my lips it does look a bit purpler than the tube.  The problem for me was the texture- it's so, so smooth that it actually feels too thin and slippery on my lips, so it doesn't cover very well at all, so it doesn't look that great.  Fail.  

Next, the eyeliners.  My expectations were low since the one black one I own looks like something that you'd dip a calligraphy pen in, but wanted to try them anyway.  

The felt tip one: 

I really like this one, it just glides on my eye really smooth.  The tip is really stiff and holds a lot of product.  Great that it doesn't bend when you don't want it to, and you don't have to go over the same spot three times.  I really love the colour too.  

The gel liners: 

Cute names- also note the two different locations: 

These two have really no similarities.  The bronze one is very smooth and pigmented.  Once it dries (just a few seconds) it is absolutely unmoveable, and needs an oil based remover.  The silver one is really soft, but it is more like a weak cream shadow- it doesn't stay on well at all.  

I'm still not too sure about the brand overall.... do any of you know of any standout products from them (good or bad)??? 

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