Monday, February 11, 2013

Maybelline Super Stay 14 Hour Lipsticks

Since I did like the Maybelline lip stains a lot, I decided to purchase three of these without knowing anything about them.

The shades I bought were Stay With Me Coral (430), Infinitely Fuchsia (160), and Ravishing Rouge (540).  Here they are swatched in natural light: 

And indoors with flash: 

Lovely colours, right?  Unfortunately they work better on my arm than my lips.  Every problem that you try to avoid with a lipstick, these have it.  First, they are absolutely unforgiving and I would definitely recommend a lip liner. 

Here is Ravishing Rouge on my lips:

Stay With Me Coral: 

Here you can start to see the problem- the texture.  These are super pigmented and go on smooth (with a little effort), but they dry down super matte.  Then after a few minutes the lipstick starts to become intensely grainy, really uncomfortable because I could actually feel it doing that on my lips.  

They also bled very badly on me, not right away but after a few hours of wear but the effect was horrible.  They are so drying, so scratchy, plus they bleed?  No thank you.  One good thing I can say is that they are incredibly saturated, although this too can be problematic if you overapply, so using a lip brush helps, but I hardly find it worth the effort.  The last straw for me was the cheapo dollar store packaging despite the fact that they cost much more.  All of this adds up to a product I would assuredly pass on.  


  1. Thanks for the review! I'm getting more into lipsticks, and love the liquid, long lasting ones. I will now know to skip these.

  2. Oh that's too bad, the colors are so beautiful! xx

  3. The colora are very pretty.Great review!

  4. Awe the colours look so beautiful on your arm its a shame they didn't turn out very well on the lips!