Monday, February 4, 2013

Coffee Break!

Here is my most recent stamping attempt... I think plain white is just too weird on me ( it always looks like white-out to me lol) so I topped two coats of white with a flakie coat and then did this Starbucks logo from LO15, some coffee cups with HB24.  I couldn't believe I only had this one coffee plate!

I read beforehand that the HB plates were really hard to use, but there were a few I just couldn't live without.  It turns out they really are almost too hard to use!  If you scrape too hard, the polish just comes right off the image.  But if you scrape too lightly, it's all streaky.  And that's if you get the image to transfer at all!! 


  1. So cute! I didn't know there was a Starbucks stamp!

  2. Heh the starbucks stamp is a cute idea! You can just about stamp anything!