Sunday, February 3, 2013

Is this Stamper worth $16?

I am going to cut to the point here: NO.  I bought mine for around $2, and it's a nice stamper.  I always got nervous using my pink stamper with pink and red polishes, so this one you can see every one.  Not only that, but its huge, picks up very well, and these are actually my favorite scrapers. My only issue with it is my nails are a little narrow so it's a bit difficult to center the image sometimes.

But is it worth $16? No. Not even the Konad one is that high.  I don't think I'd pay over $5. I have no problem supporting new businesses but really?  That's kind of taking advantage of the consumer in my opinion.  

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  1. Hehe I bought a cheapo one from ebay, it's a pink one so it could be the same as yours? Not that I've used it yet because I don't have any stamping plates!