Friday, February 1, 2013

Lush Helping Hands

I got this because I was having a really bad problem with a few of my nails peeling.  I went to a nail place and the lady told me to rub them with olive oil three times a day, and keep polish off.  I've been doing that and they are in much better shape already, but I also thought my hands being a bit dry wasn't helping either.  From housework and helping my son in the bathroom, I just wash my hands so many times.

This cream is supposed to help people like healthcare workers who wash and sanitize their hands very frequently.  I was almost out of my Nuxe honey hand cream, and I thought this one was crazy expensive until I looked and saw it costs just a little bit more, but you get 1/3 more product.  The only issue for me is, you just need a little bit so it'll probably go bad before I use it all.

I have been using this daily, and I can really feel and see a difference.  My hands are softer, smoother, and even the skin around my cuticles and nails is staying hydrated.  It is a thick cream but it isn't greasy or heavy feeling at all.  It looks like fruity yoghurt with a creamy texture and I wholeheartedly recommend it especially for wintery hands like mine, it really helps!

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  1. I love Helping Hands, but hate that these come in pots, cause tubes are so much easier to carry in your purse!