Saturday, November 3, 2012

Velvet Nails DIY: What I Used

I found a few blog posts here and there about "Velvet Nails" so I decided to do my own.  I did it a little different (trial and error!) so I'm posting what I used.  I'd also reiterate what everyone else says- this does not last more than a day, day and a half at best.  I knew that going in, but thankfully this is very very easy.

This is what I used:

Flocking powder- this was fairly easy to find on ebay.  A tip for those without a craft supply source especially: I omitted the word "powder" and found it just by "flocking", it was much cheaper and I got a huuuuge amount- 1/2 ounce, which is enough for doing this 100 times.  i.e. it's more than enough! 

I tried using a small makeup brush but it was an absolute mess- the brush either got polish or the flocking on it and the brush hairs also shed onto the nails, so I gave up on that idea.  

What I did was put some of the flocking powder into the little jar there, with the small hole on top.  You could use tweezers for that, but I just pinched it together and put it in- it kinda balls up, well enough to get a good amount without making a mess.  I applied two coats of a pink polish- same shade as the flocking.  Then I put my painted finger over the bag of flocking so the excess would fall into the bag, and I squeezed the flocking onto the nail until it covered the polish completely, trying to get as thick of a layer of flocking as possible. 

Then I used that little tube/syringe thing and it puffed air onto the nail, removing the excess.  That's what the brush was supposed to do, only I found this worked a lot better.  

The result:

And after about 16 hours: 

I like it better with just one or two accent nails, I started to do my whole hand but by the time I finished four nails I decided the look was a bit too furry!


  1. Pink is always my love :) thanks for sharing

  2. Ooh that turned out well! I think it doesn't look too bad after 16 hours, and I agree about using it as an accent nail- so cute! pointless on me with my hands in water unfortunately :/

  3. thats true, I found that out the first time I washed my hands :P

  4. Wow, that's a great effect, looks good and nice colour too.