Friday, November 30, 2012

Revlon Kissable Balm Stain....Smitten?

Sooo.... I finally got the Revlon "Just Bitten" Kissable Balm Stain!

I ordered it online, and I got "Smitten" since some of the others I'd seen didn't look very pigmented.  


I am really glad I tried these before splurging on the Clinique one, because honestly, I don't love it.  It has a nice pepperminty scent and it's easy to apply, but I didn't find it all that "balmy".  Not to say that it's drying, but it wasn't very moist or smooth like a typical lip balm.  I guess I thought it would be more like a lip butter, so that is my mistake.  It did stain 4+ hours, which is nice, but I don't like the texture enough.  I like the lip butter texture more even if it doesn't stain, but overall, I think I'd prefer a lip stain layered with a gloss.  

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  1. Revlon kissable balm is my one fav product from Revlon I am big fan of their staying power.. I have sweet heart and that is just wow.. Thanks for sharing this color..