Monday, November 19, 2012

Lush "Let the Good Times Roll"

Lush is one of those brands that I love trying things from, but I don't have any "must-have" products that I continually repurchase.

Let the Good Times Roll is a lightly exfoliating facial cleanser and it just might change that.

For some reason my tub doesn't have a label at all.  It has popcorn in it- and by that I mean actual popped, puffy popcorn bits: 

I was like, ok... because I thought they meant ground up popcorn!!  Thankfully it was just those few pieces on the top, mine didn't have any more inside the product.  The cleanser is really nice, it gets my face clean without drying it out.  When I first used it, it felt like it was leaving a film behind, kind of like how my face would feel after using sunscreen.  But after a few times, my face must have gotten used to it.  

The scent is amazing, it's like caramel corn, and the texture is like a fine polenta.  

You get 100 grams, which is really a lot of product since you only need a little bit each time.  I really, really love this!! 

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