Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bargain Supplies!

I was really surprised to find a bargain store, it was jam packed so I had to check it out.  I ended up getting about 30 things from there!!

A little organizer (for brushes, mascara, etc.), a stacked little container for  
lip gloss, and a pill organizer that I am going to use for nail art supplies 

False lashes and a case, a brush 
(I wanted it for the velvet nails but I ended up throwing it out)

I got a pink case too!!

The lashes up close- I got two pairs of each 

Inside of lashes case 

I love the case- so useful, even a little space for the glue!! 

I also got some little plastic partition pieces, they are like drawer dividers you can use for small things.  

I thought it was neat to look at little stuff that's different, and I like everything I got! 

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