Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nuxe Reve de Miel: Face Cream, Lip Balm

I have been hearing a lot of hype about this lip balm for a while.  I went to repurchase the Reve de Miel facial cleanser so I bought a few other things from the line.  

First, the lip balm.  As much as I wanted to love it, I just didn't.  It's basically a nicer version of Carmex.  The texture is like peanut butter, it is really thick.  I does really soften and smooth your lips but I just don't find it necessary to use during the day.  I did give mine to someone with dry, cracked lips and she said it was amazing, lips were back to normal within two days.  So, based on that, I'd recommend it if your lips are dry but I don't really love it more than anything else I've tried, I think I personally prefer something more glossy. 

The face cream is really good and I'd definitely love to get the day version.  This cream is for dry skin only, I must stress that.  Even I can't use it during the day, it's just too heavy and leaves my face feeling more oily than I'd like.  But my skin is so thirsty at night so using this cream is perfect, I don't wake up with any dryness, tightness, or flaky patches, which is great.  

The store I went to had a big box of samples, but I still didn't get the day face cream... or a foot cream sample I wanted- I really think I need to have my eyes checked again!!  

I also bought a hand cream and a stick lip balm:

The stick balm was a lot less expensive, and I actually liked it better.  It has a strong citrus scent I didn't totally love but it isn't heavy on the lips. The best thing is that it really moisturizes and lasts a long time.  I wore it through lunch and my lips still felt buttery smooth over an hour later- I was impressed!  I love the hand cream too, it's not greasy but works well and smells great.  

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