Saturday, November 24, 2012

Illamasqua Sealing Gel

I find pigments a bit difficult to use, but this product helps me out a lot.

The product is just like eye drops, it comes out drop by drop and it's almost the same consistency too.  It only takes a little bit- I'm about halfway through one bottle in six months, but admittedly it's not like I use it every day.  

To show what it does, here I have used it with MUA "Eye Dust": 


I dip the brush in the gel, then into the powder product.  It works with any pigments, and even pressed powders as well.  It turned the "eye dust" into basically a cream shadow:

You can still blend the product even when using it with the gel.  You can use it to turn powders into eyeliners, and I don't find I need a primer, it stays put just fine without.  I have a few of these sparkly pigments now, and I find it's much easier to use them with this gel first, rather than applying them on top of a sticky primer.  

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  1. awe.. sealing gel by Illamsqua i never sen it .. i missed it dear.. thank for sharing