Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"Africa" Bronzing Powder by W7

W7 is an inexpensive brand that I found at Boots pharmacy.  I never tried anything from them before because honestly, everything I've seen doesn't look appealing.  But I saw these boxes in a stand by the front door and couldn't resist the leopard print.

So it's like a Benefit box without the mirror.... I didn't use the brush this came with, it just felt a little flimsy.  And I personally find Benefit to be overpriced unless it's one of their "value sets" but they aren't very popular here so I don't remember the last time I purchased something from them.  

Anyway, back to the product at hand!  I had a really hard time getting swatches of each shade individually, I almost had to scrape the pan.  But practically, I'm not going to use them separately anyway. Here they are: 

And all blended together: 

I think it's a really lovely bronzer, and even though it's not very pigmented, that helps me out because my old bronzers were either too pigmented or too glittery, and hard to apply just the right amount without overdoing it and looking weird.  

Here it is on my face: 

I think it's not bad, and at such a low price definitely worth a try.  

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  1. Oh how beautiful is the print on the powder. :D