Monday, November 5, 2012

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara

This mascara claims to grow your natural lashes "117%" with continuous use over 30 days.  I've been using it a little over thirty days, so let's see.... 

I absolutely hate how they put tape over everything here.  Please, please, somebody hear me and invest in paper cards man!!!!  The products need to be PACKAGED!!! It would prevent (or at least deter) numerous things, not limited to theft and more importantly to me, icky gumminess all over everything which I cannot stand! 

I find the formula to be a bit thin and wet, which is really annoying to me because it drips, well not literally, but it gets onto my eyes.  I can cover it with eye makeup if needed but usually I do my mascara last.  It doesn't do this after it dries completely but I don't love the smudgy look if that's not what I happen to be going for that day.  

It was soooo hard to stick with one mascara for thirty days, but I've done it and honestly have not seen any 117% difference in my lashes, but it's a decent mascara that does lengthen and thicken a little.  I like the appearance and it doesn't flake off so that's a plus.  

I think the promise of increased length of your natural lashes is a bit of a stretch and probably just a gimmick, since this one was more expensive than Rimmel's other mascaras I've seen.  I'll use it up, but I am not going to repurchase.  

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