Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Skin Food Pedicure Sparkle Nail Polish

I recently discovered a small Skin Food shop.  They are a Korean brand.  Their polish selection was really low, but I wanted to try something, so I got this:

I had to find on their website www.theskinfoodus.com that this is shade #6, Violet.  I also saw all the other products they offer, so check it out because they have a ton of cool stuff!  There's a makeup setting spray I'd love to try.  They really do have food stuff for skin- made with cashew, avocado, even beer and wine! 

This polish is amazing!  I've used it on both fingers and toes so far, and all it takes is one coat.  It isn't streaky or too thick either, and I've had it on my toes for over a week with no issues at all.  This polish was just under $7, and they even had a few for under $5, but none of those colours were very appealing like this one.  

I was going to say it looks like it has diamond dust in it, but they took the words right out of my mouth: 

"A pedicure product, that contains diamond sparkling pearl to present dimensional pearl and color effects for the toes."

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