Friday, August 3, 2012

L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow: Burning Black

I really wanted to try one of the shimmery Infallible eyeshadows since all I have are mattes.

I purchased this one specifically to see how it compared to Armani Eyes to Kill in #2 (Lust Red).  

The texture of the L'Oreal is much more pressed down, and it feels smoother to me.  But check out the swatches: 

I was amazed how similar these are, and how smooth the L'Oreal was.  For me the L'Oreal had less fallout as well, although it was still really messy to work with since it is a loose product and so pigmented.  I used a stiff brush and tried to use small strokes- this is not a shade you can just slap on your lids.  

I tried one on each eye and I couldn't tell the difference, honestly.  The sparkles showed up equally well and I really love both- I didn't have any issue with the L'Oreal fading quicker or anything.  Now I see why these are so loved- if all the shades are like this, call me impressed.  I've since purchased two more but haven't tried them yet.  

Here is a quick look I did using this and Revlon lip butter "Raspberry Pie".  Yes, I was tired lol!  I had a hard time thinking of something I felt would complement the shade, but I used the Kat von D "Love and Fury" palette.  It has seen better days for sure but I just love all the shades in it.  I guess I'll have to find dupes soon!  


  1. I love this! It looks like it would make a great liner shade, too. Love the sultry smokey look you did!

  2. This color is so pretty I need this ASAP!!
    Great look =)

  3. Wow that colour is so pretty and great dupe! it looks amazing in the swatch, and can I be creepy and say your skin is so smooth hahah.
    Loove that look too!

  4. lol u r sweet, thank you- I hope my face stays that way, I am getting worried!

  5. Fantastic look - I've got both of these, and curse the money that I 'wasted' on the GA!! As you say, the L'Oreal is just as good.

  6. I'm so happy I came across this post while looking for more in-depth reviews of the ETK powder, now I'm definitely going to go for the L'Oreal one that looks just as good if not better! Thank you!