Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rimmel Gel Eyeliner

I recently got this on sale for less than $5.  I didn't want it but the salesperson was so pushy and acted like I couldn't live without it.

It comes with a teeny brush which doubles as a very long cap: 

And here is the swatch: 

This eyeliner is very, very liquidy, like a thick pen ink.  For me it is incredibly hard to deal with.  I've been trying for over a week but I never got it to stay in my waterline at all, I'd end up with raccoon eyes after a few minutes.  Lash line wasn't any better for me as it basically never dries.  The brush is useless but no matter what brush I used I couldn't get the lines decent since once it's on your lid the dark black you see here isn't so easy to achieve either, and going over the line while the first one is still wet just makes more of a mess.  

I honestly think this is the last straw for me with this brand!  I am only getting something from them if I read an absolutely stellar review and it's a product I'll actually use- otherwise, no more blind buys from them!  

Overall, unless you're up for a challenge or like non-drying liquid eyeliners, I'd pass on this.  


  1. I wanted to try this but I think I won't after I've read this review! Thank you :) xx

    1. thats what I'm here for lol! Good news is there's a lot of other really good and affordable eyeliners :)