Monday, August 13, 2012

Inglot Pressed Powder # 15

This is a freedom system pressed powder in shade # 15.  Inglot also has AMC and YSM pressed powders but this one is just the normal one.  It is huge!  It is 13 grams of product and it cost me around $13.

I tried my best to swatch it but it didn't come out very well.  The main thing I want to show here is the texture.

I am pretty much indifferent about this powder.  I have been using Dior powders for a billion years so it's really hard for me to adjust to anything else.  Dior powders are just so soft, fine, and smooth.  This one is not.  I'd just say it's basic, not amazing or anything.  I found it better to use it lightly, it is on the heavier side as far as powders go so I wouldn't want it caking up.  

But at least now my travel palette is ready to go and so am I!  

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  1. yay for travel palettes haha, the powder does look a little on the chunky side though, oh well. I wish I had an inglot store near me, or bought more while I was away -.- haha