Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Sizeable Haul and Mini Review

So I could not prevent myself from going back to the essence section.... but in my quest, I also discovered there is Barry M.!!  I've always wanted to try their products but never got to.  The display was new, but very small.  They had maybe a tenth of what I've seen on the Barry M site.

I just got a few things to try them.  I chose a lipstick (# 129), two Dazzle Dusts (forgot to photo one!) and one Fine Glitter Dust.

NYX had a sale buy 2 get one free so I got a lip cream, a jumbo lip pencil and a matte nail polish.

I know those are old, but this is honestly the first time I've seen the Revlon lip stains so I got one in Passion.  I was looking for the balm sticks but no chance yet.  I've decided I don't like lip markers (or any cosmetic marker, basically), so I won't bother with a review.  Here is a swatch of it: 

And this is what I got from essence this time:

The eye brushes were an impulse buy, but hey they have purple bristles!  The smokey eye brush is really small so maybe I can use it for an outer v brush.  That and the regular eyeshadow brush were only a couple bucks.  One of the best $5 purchases I ever made was a Sonia Kashuk eye brush so who knows.  

Here are swatches of the nail polishes.  I ended up really loving the pink 3 colour tube I bought, I liked the glossy/gelly finish of it so much!  They still didn't have the green one but I'm so happy they had the blue this time.   I think I'll try using the purple one over something else also.  

The Vampire one is called "The Dawn is Broken" and it totally reminds me of concrete.  

I will review the cream shadow (and the other stuff!) another time, but for now I've tested "Kermit Says Hello".  

First of all, their representation of this shade on the internet is ridiculous- not even close!  All the other shades look at least similar, and actually pretty accurate, but they really need to fix this one.  

Here is the swatch:

I could say "I told you so..." to myself, but... this eyeshadow is really bad!  Forget about using it without a primer, but even with one, it was off my lid completely in two hours, which has never happened to me that I can recall.  I really had to scrub the pan to get the colour on the brush to begin with, so my hopes were dashed.  Luckily I didn't waste a lot of money on it but I think I'll skip their eyeshadows from now on.  


  1. Loovely haul! is the lip cream adis ababa? Such q pretty colour I love it lol .ive heard good things about the essence gel liners too.and I think I have the same balm.stain but it didn't take long to stop working properly lol

    1. yes its adis ababa yaay I will try it soon :)

  2. Great haul, everything looks amazing!

  3. that lip stain is such a pretty colour!