Monday, August 20, 2012

Revlon Lip Butters: Candy Apple, Peach Parfait

So I finally figured out they don't carry all of the lip butter shades here, and I am still waiting for their balm stain sticks too.  I wanted to get "Gumdrop" and "Sweet Tart" but had to give up.  I think these two are very pretty though!


I didn't want to get Candy Apple at first since red is a rarely wearable shade for me, and I was completely right, it is really red!  

It looks more orange in the sunlight, but in person it is like a cherry tomato.  I really love the texture though, I definitely prefer it over the glittery ones.  

Peach Parfait is one of the shimmery shades, and I really like how it lightens my lips. 


  1. Oh these lip butters are ultimate love. x

  2. I love the peach one. I also love the red one... and I have creamsicle an sweet tart... I have an obsession. I love that you lip swatched them too ;]

    Also, I nominated you for a blogger award!

  3. Love the colours! i haven't tried these yet but i really want too!!