Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wet-n-Wild I'm Feeling Retro and I Dream of Greenie Trios

I did both of these eyes using only the trios, but I really think they would work better with other shadows.  These eyeshadows are soft, smooth, and easy to blend, but I think the Spoiled Brat had the best pigmentation out of the ones I have tried so far.  I Dream of Greenie, I didn't really like the result since I really wanted the bright green colour but I think the one marked "crease" kind of toned it down...

First is I'm Feeling Retro:

( I decided to go with the eyeliner)

Here is I Dream of Greenie:

Also to note, I did try to use the lime green cream shadow in the Revlon Electric Pop palette I reviewed, in between primer and the eyeshadow, but it was still horrible it just ruined that one eye so I had to redo the whole thing. 


  1. Ooo! Very lovely. I'm really liking that green. I'm sorry the cream shadow didn't work. That's disappointing.

  2. very pretty looks..that sucks about the revlon palette..maybe you can return it and get some more wnw trios!!