Sunday, March 27, 2011

NYX Eyeshadows: Kiwi and Exotic Green Review

I was recently gifted these around St. Patrick's Day.  I never owned NYX shadows before, so I had no expectations.  I got Kiwi and Exotic Green. 

The swatches:



I was happy with Kiwi.  The pigmentation was good, and the texture was nice- not too firm or soft, and it applied pretty smoothly.

I really hated Exotic green when I swatched it and used it for the first time.  Then I realised, it was not the shadows fault, it was mine.  When I used it the first time, I also used a matte white shadow- mistake.  They do not blend well together at all.  When I used Exotic Green alone, both with original UDPP and Sin, it looked great.  It does reflect quite green in the light, even though at first glance it appears black.  With this shade, I also have to build it up quite a bit to get the pigmentation it has in the pan.

These eyeshadows are not bad, but they are not spectacular either, so I do not think I would seek them out had I not received them as gifts. 

Here is a look I tried to do with the two:

Overall, I did like both of the shades, although not in the above look, and I don't think I have one like Exotic Green, so now I am glad I do.   

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