Monday, March 28, 2011

My Makeup Brush/Storage Organization System (BEFORE)

EDIT: I actually wrote this post a few months ago, but never published it for some reason.  I changed it up a little bit, so I am posting an "After" as well, but I thought it would be neat to share anyway!

SECOND EDIT: I am moving in a few weeks, and I can't fit all my stuff into any amount of suitcases.  Must reduce!!

I converted a mini desk into a makeup table, and I have on it only a mirror and brushes. 

I have several containers for the brushes.  Clear plastic for face, eyes, and one larger metal one in the back for larger face brushes as well.  The little glass cup is for used brushes, so I know which ones I have to wash.  I wash my eye brushes every day.  I usually clean my face ones with spray after each use and wash those every week. 

I love the clear plastic containers because they are a good height and, they are kitchen canisters but the lids that went on them sealed from the inside, so they dont have that 'lip' that most plastic containers have to fit the lid; these are smooth.  They are a heavy acrylic type.  Best of all they fit my brushes so I dont have to have a dozen cups sitting around. 

The metal container is a kitchen utensil organizer from the Michael Graves collection at Target.  I still had to put the colorfill beads in the bottom of it because of the height, but it works well for the larger brushes that take up a lot of space.

The desk also has a little pull out drawer:

This is super convenient so the top doesn't get all cluttered.  I have nail scissors, tweezers, and other stuff I use throughout the day like brow powder, eyeliner, and lip balm.  Some mini brushes are in there too, not because I use them but just because they're too small to fit anywhere else.  And surely my favourite products in rotation that week- paint pot, blush and lipstick. 

What?  No makeup?  Ha!  Yes, I have makeup!  There is just so much of it that it's hard to keep it in one place.  I have these nice drawers I really like them a lot, but unfortunately I have some overflow that sits in boxes too. 

Here are the drawers:

In the corner I have a little glass shelf too:

Inside the drawers I have organizers too:

Ha! I wish they still looked like that!  The photo was taken when I first started transferring my stuff into the drawers, but now the drawers are overfilled too and the organizers are actually two high now but I am going to clean up soon and get rid of what I don't use, which seems like a neverending task. 

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  1. great post!! everytime I organize my makeup it looks great for a week or so and then goes back to messy again..LOL! I love the seperate containers that you have for your looks great