Saturday, March 12, 2011

My New Bike!!!

Ok, ok so I am breaking the rules.... this is not a post about makeup!! 

I got this new bike today and I am super excited.  Spring has pretty much sprung where I live and my old bike got well let's say lost. 

Here she is:

I am so excited about this bike!  In case the photo isnt that clear, it is a mint green with pale yellow fenders and trim.  The seat and handlebars are brown, and look at those whitewall tires!!! I got it because my son is ready to ride with me and I got the Wee Ride to install in between my seat and the handlebars... this bike is perfect for that because it does have such a wide span already, so it wont really take any adjusting or feeling squeezed like the mountain style bikes.  I also love it because it is very heavy, and I need it to be stable while I put him in the seat.  It doesnt have any gears so it has speed control built right in.  I was so nervous without the handlebar brakes but getting used to that should be easy to do. 

Well, let me get busy installing my gear so we can get ready to ride!!!



1 comment:

  1. Ahhhh I love it :) hahahaa. Enjoy the many rides you will have with it :)