Monday, March 28, 2011

Makeup Drawer Organization (AFTER: Work In Progress!)

A lot of people have asked me about organizing makeup.  I don't really have a lot of good tips, unfortunately, because I don't follow the trends when it comes to that.  I am just an average person, with an average amount of makeup.  I don't have any huge collection of products and I don't compare myself to anyone that does.  I do a lot of improvising and I try not to be wasteful.  I also have a toddler who will get into a lot of trouble if he has free reign in my room and everything is all spread out. 

I tried to reorganize my makeup using the new slim drawers I got a few days ago.  It took a lot of time and tossing but I was finally able to get rid of the larger orange drawers I had.  It has ten drawers, so I'm not going to show every drawer, but I organized it by product type.  I have mascaras, eyeliners, and eye primers in the little drawers on the shelf there.  I also put products I don't really use anymore, stored on the shelves in cases.  I live in a small community where everyone recycles everything, and we don't have a good furniture store, so if it doesn't fit in my car, generally I won't get it unless it's a piece of furniture for the house that I have to have delivered.  And forget about me building anything, I can't even put a nail in my wall. 

I also wanted to share some other neat finds I've acquired. 

I love this little caddy.  It is actually a kitchen utensil holder, but I found it very useful for large brushes, especially ones I hardly use anymore.  I had to fill the bottom of it with colorfill (the clear beads).

I love these little tubs!  So cute, with the heart design!  I had all my polishes in baskets in my hallway closet, but since I found these I was able to organize them by brand.  I like that they have lids so the tops don't get dusty. I was keeping all my polishes that had boxes still in the boxes so they wouldn't get dusty, but now I can fit them in there without the boxes.  I had these little tubs in a striped pattern until I found the heart pattern and I bought all the ones they had!  The only polish I can't fit very well in them is the Sephora brand.  I have few enough that I just put them in the middle, and I just quit buying that kind, not like I can't find similar shades.  These hold 15-20 bottles each depending on the brand, but I can fit 22-23 bottles of square polish in one.  No, I do not have eight tubs of Chanel and Dior, but I like what I have.  I don't mind having my polish in tubs and it is a lot better than my old system where they were all out.  I only need one polish at a time after all. 

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