Friday, March 4, 2011

Sleek Makeup Scandalous Blush Review

Sleek products are generally very pigmented, this blush is a perfect example. 

This blush is a matte red with a tint of orange.  It is definitely very similar to NARS Exhibit A blush, when on me had too much orange when applied- which is why I gave it away.  Upon the swatch, I could already tell where this was headed. 

It is a matte blush, and because of the deep colour, took a bit more effort to blend. 

The end result was pretty, although still a bit bold:

Overall, this is a great blush, but I would probably recommend it for deeper skin tones. 


  1. do you get your sleek products online? I only ask because I know it's a UK drugstore brand, and I've been dying to try some of their things

  2. yep, I do but I try to stock up or order with friends b/c the shipping is flat rate $13.50 for U.S. :)