Friday, March 11, 2011

Napoleon Perdis Tangerine Lip Gloss Review

I got this lip gloss as a gift but just now found it in a drawer.  Crazy!!

It has a short brush applicator:

It is pretty much clear when applied:

This gloss has really amazing texture!  I really like it.  It just glides on so super smooth, and my lips really feel moisturized for a long time.  It is very comparable to the Dior glosses but I think this one is a little thicker.  That's not to say it is heavy at all, though, because it is not.  It is very lighteight but it feels great, not sticky or anything, and really makes your lips feel smooth and even, does not settle into a single crease! 

I would totally recommend this lip gloss!  I also have strawberry and mango, and they look different in the tube but they applied exactly the same, and I love the taste of them too, it is so yummy!  Flavoured lip gloss?  Actually good and not for the tween set?  Yes!  Two thumbs up for me!

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  1. HAHA THAT just happened to me..I was cleaning out my draw and found a beautiful stila lipstick..I'm like hey why were u'm glad I.found it..this lip gloss looks great..I like my glosses a little sticky..but thats just me! I luv that it has just a hint of color