Monday, March 7, 2011

My Makeup Removal Routine: Neutrogena, Clarisonic and Philosophy

Aaaahhh, the end of the day.... time to take the makeup off! 

These are products that are absolute must-haves for me.

1.  The first thing I have to do- actually take the makeup off!  These Neutrogena towelettes are my absolute all time fave.  I have tried all brands of removers, both in liquid form and wipes, and these do not irritate my eyes, are very effective.  Although I do not use waterproof mascara, the package says they do remove it, and I can attest to the fact that they definitely remove regular mascara. 

I like the "night calming" ones the best (the purple package) but they can be a little more difficult for me to find, so I stock up on the original (blue) packs too.  

2.  Clarisonic Brush

I use this every day in the shower.  I have the "Plus" model, but I would definitely recommend any model.  This brush has really done wonders for me.  I was very sick for almost the entire duration of my pregnancy, and my skin suffered a great deal.  My entire forehead was covered with bumpy dead skin cells, and after using the Clarisonic for about a month, they were almost completely gone.  For this reason, I am really hesitant to wear foundation on my forehead, so I try not to, even though it may make my face look uneven at times.  I never really suffered from acne, although I have had monthly hormonal blemishes pop up, but my skin still feels clean. 

3.  Philosophy Purity Made Simple and Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash

I really love Philosophy products.  I switched to them last year from Clinique.  I use all of their stuff- face moisturizer, hand and foot creams, and body wash.  I use Purity daily with my Clarisonic, and the Microdelivery once a week, sometimes twice.  They are both very gentle and effective, leaving my face feeling clean and smooth. 

I love Purity Made Simple because my skin is not naturally oily except in the t-zone area at times, and a lot of cleansers are harsh on my skin, leaving it feeling stripped.  I cannot use anything with glycolic acid at this time, so this product really is perfect for me.  However, it may not be enough for those with particularly oily skin. 

The Microdelivery exfoliant is not abrasive although you can feel the fine graininess, but still works very well.  I was surprised to see diatomaceous earth as one of the ingredients, as I had to use this in powder form to get rid of garden slugs!!

Last step is moisturize, I use Philosophy's Hope in a Jar at night and I use something lighter in the morning, like Bliss or Origins.


  1. I need me a clarisonic! Do you see any difference when using it?


  2. huge difference! my face feels cleaner, smoother, and no leftover residue feeling like when I was just lathering my face without it. I feel like my skin texture has really improved, and I got the plus model to slough off rough skin on my body (feet, legs) in the winter, it definitely helps because I no longer have flaky skin, which I did even after using all kinds of body butters. Now I use them and my skin is like silk!