Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nailstation Polishes: New Purchases

I wanted to get Models Own "Fuzzy Peach" until I came across Nailstation "Crush on Corals".  They really have a beautiful formula and selection on their cremes, although I didn't see the chocolate "solo expresso" one I wanted.  I also got Vandalism Art 108- at first sight I thought it was green and red glitter for the holidays but when I looked closer and saw it was pink, well that was too cool for me to pass up!

It's not quite as orange as it looks but it's not pink like most of the corals I have.  Love it!  

They have a really nice website too: where now I can see Vandalism Art is an entire range, and I loooove their Chic Camouflage collection!! 

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