Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hidden Gems: Stila Lip Glaze Sticks

I was trying to go through my stuff to see what I needed to toss, and came across these, all still wrapped.  It was such a pleasant surprise because I really like them!  I don't think they still make these (probably because they are a pencil form that needs sharpened), but I really like the texture.  They are very moist, balmy, and some shades do deposit a lot of colour.  Other shades are more sheer but still very pretty.  I have seven of them, and these are the ones I have (some not pictured because they were in the freezer at the time):

Berry, Brown Sugar, Gingerbread, Orange 

Fruit Punch, Peach, Plum 

I've used Fruit Punch and Peach a lot.  These just feel great on, very smooth and glidey.  I put them in the freezer before sharpening and what sharpens off is just enough for one use, so it's not that wasteful.  They don't last very long, but they're easy to reapply.  They are not sticky like other glosses, but they have a nice smooth feel and they're really pretty for a non-lipstick look, which is perfect for me.  


  1. Its too bad they don't make these anymore cause they do look smooth and glidey, lol.

  2. These look beautiful, I love the look of fruit punch! & they do look very easy to apply. I put my Nyx JEP in the freezer sometimes to sharpen, to! haha. Makes it a bit easier. :)