Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Micro-Mini Nail Decorations

These are soooo cute!  They are made out of polymer clay (aka "Fimo").  They are also sooo small!! They are only about 2 mm.  I'll definitely have to use tweezers for these.  I ordered a massive quantity of Fimo canes/sticks, but now that these have arrived and I see how paper thin they are, I seriously doubt I will be able to cut them.

There are teeny fruits and flowers, and even a little snowman I almost need magnifying glasses to even see.  

I also got a wheel of just holiday (mostly Christmas) ones: 

Words that come to mind about these?  Cute, small, even adorable... but "bad ass"?  Ummm, not quite.  Hilariously the seller I bought them from is called "Bad Ass Beauty"- a name that works only cause it's hard to forget!!  I ordered some more pre-sliced ones just in case I won't manage to cut the sticks, and it's always a gamble to see what you're going to get, but I am really hoping to get these playing cards next time: 

Wish me luck!!

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